Avatar 2: James Cameron gives good news about shooting


Director James Cameron has spoken reassuringly about the filming of Avatar 2 and 3.

This is the sequel that all fans of the director are eagerly awaiting. We are of course talking about the Avatar 2 sequel whose production began ten years after the release of the first part in the cinema. A complex feature film that promises to be even more visually insane than its predecessor. It must be said that James Cameron had time to refine his screenplay! Moreover, to be sure to satisfy aficionados of the genre, the director has put the small dishes in the big ones by developing a completely new technology of underwater shots in 3D. Enough to offer us sublime anthology sequences in this opus which will take place mostly underwater!

But that’s not all ! The director who has the madness of grandeur had also announced that he wanted to shoot the other three parts of the saga in the process. News that literally filled the hearts of fans with joy! And for good reason, it is not one but four films that they will be able to discover in the cinema over the next eight years! And even if the coronavirus virus has unfortunately entered the dance this year delaying the release of the various opuses, James Cameron has just revealed very good news. Indeed, the latter officially affirmed that the shooting of Avatar 2 was finished while that of Avatar 3 was almost finished. The release of the second opus postponed to December 16, 2022 and that of the third installment also postponed to December 20, 2024 should therefore be able to be done as planned! While waiting to learn more, discover everything we already know about the plot of Avatar 2.

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