Avatar 2: James Cameron Explains Why Kate Winslet’s Underwater Work Was So “Cathartic”


James Cameron is known for his eternal love of the ocean and frequent use of the sea in his films. Avatar: The Way of Water is no exception and takes underwater scenes to a new level, creating even more ambitious and stunning visual experiences. Kate Winslet, in particular, participated in many underwater scenes for the film, and the actress is known to have held her breath underwater for seven minutes during the filming of the film. Cameron recently revealed that while these scenes were technically challenging, they became a cathartic point for both of them.

In a recent interview with EW, the director spoke about the filming of the film, which took 13 years to create. Discussing the parts of Avatar 2 that were filmed underwater with Winslet, he noted how much it enriched their collaboration. He also talked about how their mutual love for water led to the scenes becoming cathartic. Cameron spoke in more detail:

I felt that she needed it from a therapeutic point of view. We both needed catharsis. In fact, she was very passionate about it, because she treated it as a physical thing that she could cling to. First of all, she loves water. Her husband is fond of curb sports, kitesurfing and everything like that, so she is very, very comfortable in the water. In fact, she saw it as a way to prepare for her character, because Kate is preparing both metaphorically and physically deeply. So she’s hooked right on that. But the most interesting thing was that her children said, “Mom, don’t be stupid. Make an Avatar.”

It seems that both Winslet and Cameron had similar goals for their scenes in the film, which really helped the process of making the film. The underwater scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water are simply amazing, so the process of creating them was definitely effective. Computer graphics combined with the aquatic environment looks incredible on the big screen, and you can tell that all the actors, including Winslet, were incredibly eager to make the film as perfect as possible.

The success of Winslet’s scenes in the film is probably due to the mutual trust she shares with Cameron. The two had previously worked together on Titanic, and the water scenes in this film are also unusual. Cameron had to go through a lot for her actors during the filming of this film, so Winslet clearly knew what she was getting into. Cameron claims that he is now a more pleasant and relaxed director, so perhaps this process was not so intense. Nevertheless, the collaboration is iconic, and they clearly work well together, as they have made two amazing films.

Like Titanic, Avatar: The Way of Water is not only a cinematic achievement, but also a financial achievement. The sequel to the film is likely to exceed $2 billion at the box office, exceeding all expectations. This probably means that the planned sequel films will be given the green light, so we will have more Avatar films in the future. Details about Avatar 3 have not been released yet, but Cameron’s love of the sea will probably still have an impact, so hopefully there will be even more amazing underwater episodes ahead.

Avatar: The Way of Water” is currently exclusively in cinemas across the country. Fans of the movie series can also review the original “Avatar” of 2009, which is now being broadcast on a Disney+ subscription. For more information about other films that will be in theaters and broadcast in the near future, be sure to check out our movie release schedule for 2023.


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