Avast Announces New Visual Identity And Focus On Digital Freedom


Avast: The security company Avast announced this Wednesday (22) a new visual identity for the brand, in addition to a campaign focused on digital freedom.

Therefore, the company now adopts as its motto “Making the digital world a more private, free and safe place for everyone, around the world”, which means, in practice, “shaping the digital landscape to be a fairer place , free and equitable for all” from the promotion of digital rights and privacy.

It is worth remembering that, the previous month, the company was acquired by the Norton digital security laboratory for US$ 8 billion.

More changes

The main new feature of the new phase is Avast One, a protection service that combines antivirus technology with firewall, software update and VPN — with a free version called Avast One Essential.

Avast One is available today (22) in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, arriving “soon” in other markets.

The Avast Foundation guaranteed participation in a program that addresses issues of digital freedom and supports vulnerable people. Finally, the company also guarantees support in the formulation of security and privacy technology policies.


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