Available to download Fortnite from Samsung’s app store


Following Epic Games’ attempt to embed its own payment system in Fortnite, Apple and Google moved very quickly and removed the game from their stores for “violation of store rules”. However, there are no such restrictions in Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy phone owners can easily download Fortnite to their devices through this store.

There is another way for Android users to install the game on their phones. You can experience Fortnite on Android by downloading and installing the 8.2 GB APK file on Epic Games’ website. However, in-app purchases are not working here yet. Epic Games is expected to bring a solution to this problem soon.

In the event that Epic Games cannot compromise with Apple and Google, Fortnite users will be confined to third-party stores, derived from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

It is not possible to say anything about how this story will end. However, it should not be forgotten that this event can radically change the relationship between application developers and store owners.

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