Autumn arrives and this is how each zodiac sign receives it


This September 22, autumn begins in the northern hemisphere, which means that the heat of summer begins to dissipate little by little to give way to the cold that precedes the arrival of winter. The transition from one season to another, especially when the weather changes radically, affects all the signs of the Zodiac.

According to astrology, each sign receives in a different way the arrival of the penultimate season of the year. Find out how it suits your horoscope.

It is a sign that moves by its impulses and needs to be in constant activity. Fall could make you lose patience due to the low activity that this season of the year brings.

People who are Taurus welcome the penultimate season of the year with open arms as it brings a rhythm with which they feel comfortable. It will allow them to work quietly and enjoy the days go by.

Geminis are not affected by the change from season to season or by the equinoxes. It is a sign that knows how to extract the good from each season of the year, so it will be fine with the arrival of autumn.

The calm and tranquility favor Cancer, it feels good in times that seem to pass slowly so it will be in a good mood.

It is a sign that needs to shine like sunlight. At this time of year, the king star does not shine brightly and hides in the clouds, so it could be a bit uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

What matters most to Virgo is working on his perfection so he does not care what season we are in, he will go ahead with his plans.

The arrival of autumn suits this romantic and idealistic sign well. It does not worry about the change in the weather or that the light is less bright. The balance between day and night favors you.

It is natural for Scorpio to feel comfortable at this time of year as their mutable and mysterious personality fits in perfectly.

You might get a little sad because Sagittarius fills with joy in the light of other seasons. See fall as a dark and gray time.

People of this sign may feel more nostalgic than usual. Autumn gives them a feeling of sadness so they will be emotionally vulnerable.

Aquarius’ energy, sympathy, and drive do not change with the seasons of the year. All seasons favor him because he barely knows how to differentiate between one and another.

Pisces mood could be affected by the need to be sheltered, although he feels comfortable during the fall because it allows him to be alone with his thoughts.


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