Autopsy: NFL Announces Serious Punishment for Dolphins


Michael Reeves / Getty Images

After the NFL launched an investigation into the Miami Dolphins regarding the league’s fair play policy, the league officially handed down the punishment.

According to Ari Meirov of Pro Football Focus, the NFL stripped the Dolphins of a first-round pick next year, as well as in the third and fourth rounds in 2024, and suspended owner Stephen Ross until October 17, 2022.

The investigation was conducted after accusations of tanking and falsification.

According to Commissioner Roger Goodell via Lindsay Jones of The Ringer:

“The NFL said it found 3 cases of fraud, two involving Tom Brady and one with Sean Payton.”Unprecedented in scale and severity.””

The discipline imposed by the league serves as little excuse for former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, who praises Flores for not letting these circumstances affect his drive to win during his time with the team.


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