Autopsy: Deshaun Watson Reaches Settlement over Multiple Lawsuits


Nick Cummett

Deshaun Watson’s legal situation took a big step forward Tuesday morning.

A few minutes ago, Tony Buzzby announced in a statement that all but four of the cases against Watson had been settled. Detailed information about settlements is confidential.

The cases will be terminated soon.

“Today I am announcing that all but four of the cases against Deshaun Watson have been settled,” Buzzby said.

“We are working with documents related to these calculations. As soon as we do that, these specific cases will be closed. The terms and amounts of settlements are confidential. We will not comment further on the settlement or these cases.”

This is, without a doubt, a big step for Watson and his legal troubles. However, this does not guarantee that the NFL is looking the other way.

The League will continue to investigate this case and will eventually decide on a penalty if necessary.

Watson is currently allowed to play in the first week of the 2022 season for the Cleveland Browns.