Autopilot from Mercedes to Tesla: Drive Pilot


Autonomous driving systems began to be considered important by automotive giants. Mercedes, which has been using driving support systems in its vehicles since 2009, made a statement about the new autopilot system Drive Pilot.

Mercedes introduces new autopilot system: Drive Pilot

Autopilot systems will enter our lives completely in the medium term, although not in the near future. Driver support systems and autopilot system developed by Tesla have inspired many companies to work on this issue.

Mercedes otopilot sistem: Drive Pilot

Tesla had announced the release of the new autopilot system. Mercedes announced that it has developed a similar system but does not allow the public to use it in the city.

German automotive manufacturers are in a better position than many companies in advanced driver assistance systems. Advanced driver assistance systems support drivers in steering, braking and acceleration under limited conditions, mainly on highways.

“We don’t want blind trust,” said Mercedes spokesperson. We want conscious confidence in the car. Our customers need to know exactly what they can and cannot do with their cars. “He used expressions.

Seeking international approval for the Level 3 autopilot system, the company also highlights decades of advanced driver assistance system experience.

Planning to launch the Drive Pilot system next year, Mercedes describes it as an evolution of the Distronic system they developed in 2013.


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