Autonomous Race Car Crashed Before The Race Started


An autonomous race car that came out on the track as part of Roborace races crashed on its own. The vehicle, which turned its direction to the wall and accelerated, hit the runway walls. Fortunately, only material damage occurred in the incident.

Autonomous vehicles have been attracting the attention of consumers for a long time. In fact, many of the new vehicles launched have some autonomous systems such as lane tracking or sign search. Tesla, also founded by Elon Musk, has developed fully autonomous vehicles and continues to advance this system. However, both Elon Musk and important names of the industry show that autonomous driving systems should not be fully trusted. An event is exactly an indicator of this.

Within the scope of Roborace, which is described as the brother of Formula E, there was an incident that questioned the safety of autonomous vehicles. The fully autonomous racing car, owned by a team called “SIT Acronis”, got involved in an interesting accident when it came to the track and wanted to move. The car turned 90 degrees to the right and crashed into the wall as it was. The vehicle was severely damaged as a result of this impact.

In fact, this is not the first time that this accident is happening. Another vehicle crashed in the same race. Although the autonomous vehicle off the road tried to collect itself, unfortunately it failed and began to turn around. The accidents, fortunately, did not cause any major problems.

Roborace accidents are a sign that autonomous vehicles still have a long way to go. Because leaving complete control of a vehicle to itself is not an easy decision. Moreover, vehicles produced for Roborace perform autonomous driving at very high speeds. However, it is not possible to say that Tesla’s vehicles are also slow. Apparently, as Elon Musk said, even if the systems are very good, it is necessary not to leave the steering wheel of the vehicle.

The accident in which the autonomous vehicle hit the wall while standing still


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