Autonomous Partnership Between BMW and Mercedes-Benz Suspended


Daimler, the roof company of Mercedes-Benz, announced that the collaboration with BMW that was launched last year to develop autonomous driving technologies has been suspended. The two companies said in a joint statement that it was not the right time for the partnership, given the current economic conditions.

The future of the automobile industry is shaped by electric and autonomous vehicles. While the share of electric cars in the industry continues to increase day by day, the plans of the major manufacturers are shaped in this direction. Accordingly, BMW and Mercedes-Benz decided to go for a new cooperation on the autonomous vehicle last year.

German giants, expected to form a team of 1,200 autonomous driving specialists, would join forces on next-generation driving systems, parking technologies and autonomous driving technology, but with the statement made by Mercedes-Benz’s roof company Daimler during the day, ‘the right time for this partnership’ It was announced that it was not.

A mutual agreement was reached between the two companies:

Daimler, who shared an announcement during the day, announced that the autonomous partnership between the luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz and its rival German company BMW has been stopped. “After a comprehensive review, the two companies reached a mutual and friendly agreement to focus on their current development, which could include working with new partners,” said Daimler in a statement.

In the joint statement of the two companies, it was announced that, given the current business and economic conditions, it was decided that there was no “right time” for the cooperation to continue successfully. Daimler also announced that the cooperation between the two companies, announced in 2019, could continue at a later date.

As part of the collaboration announced last year, the German giants were aiming to develop autonomous driving technology of Level 4 autonomous driving technology on the autobahn within 5 years. Suspending the cooperation between BMW and Mercedes-Benz will naturally lead to delay in these plans. It is wondering whether the two companies will join forces again in the future for autonomous vehicles.


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