Autonomous Cadillac: GM’s Concepts at CES 2021


Although finished products and ready to enter the market already guarantee a good dose of expectation and entertainment, a technology fair without crazy ideas and, for now, beyond our reach would certainly lose a lot of its attractions. On Tuesday (12), General Motors was responsible for this part of CES 2021, which presented to the public two concepts capable of taking us directly into the future, that of an autonomous Cadillac and that of a flying car.

Speaking of the novelty that would dispense with drivers, it is a collective vehicle that would eliminate traditional controls and whose interior would resemble a living room – offering “a social space for a group of friends or family to spend time together on their way. to a destination, “in the words of Michael Simcoe, GM’s VP of Global Design.

Vertical light signature and a large glass roof complement the look of this “dream”, which would also include several biometric sensors capable of reading the vital signs of passengers.

The collected data, in turn, would assist in the automatic adjustment of settings such as temperature, lighting, noise control and even aromatics – these functions could be managed by voice and gestures.

Anyway, bets on trends in the sector would not be complete without something that is really part of the imagination of most people. And that’s where the automaker’s eVTOL comes in – acronym for electric takeoff and vertical landing aircraft.

The sky is the limit

Offering capacity for a single passenger, the manufacturer’s flying car incorporates futuristic features into the design of options of the type already under development, representing “GM’s first foray into air mobility,” according to Simcoe.

A 90 kWh electric motor would drive four rotors, responsible for both takeoffs and landings, a modest configuration, taking into account that the German startup Lilium is dedicated to studying the use of 320 kWh components in vehicles for five people.

Additional details or images of both products were not made available by General Motors. For now, there is no certainty that they will be produced, but both belong to the brand’s electric portfolio, reinforcing what will be its next development steps in certain aspects.


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