Automakers Working on Disinfection Systems for Their New Vehicles


One of the biggest tasks of an automobile manufacturer can be considered as following the trends, blending today’s technology and trends with the technology of the future. But in this pandemic, manufacturers will disinfect their vehicles with a new technology.

Due to the coronavirus, the whole world is going through a difficult period these days. This epidemic, which has a bad impact on almost every field, and especially in the economy, pushes automakers to develop new ways to gain new customers and retain their existing customers in the post-coronavirus market. In this context, new news about new coronavirus technologies began to come first from China and then from Volvo, a major automaker. As Volvo stated, the new electric vehicles will have an N95 certified air filtration system. After Volvo, Hyundai also announced that they will use a UV light disinfection system. This system will be placed in cars like headlights. Also this week Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall brands announced their anti-bacterial cleaning systems and published a 29-item vehicle control guide.

IHS Markit conducted a survey on this issue with vehicle owners across 5 countries. According to the results of this survey, 80% of respondents said they could pay extra money to a vehicle with the technology that sterilized the vehicle. In another survey by Cox Automotive, the vast majority of vehicle owners say that new vehicles should have air filtration technology.

New generation vehicles will be sterilized by UV rays
In an interview with a Fiat official, the decisions taken within the coronavirus in the interior design of the vehicle showed that “The recent events we have experienced showed us to add new ventilation technologies to our vehicles. We also started to research new anti-bacterial substances and easy-to-clean surfaces for our interior designs.” expressed in words. Additionally, Michigan-based technology firm GHSP introduced the UV-C light system called ‘grēnlite’ at CES this year. Very similar to Hyundai’s UV light disinfection technology, the grill is placed inside the vehicle in the form of a headlamp, and when it detects that nobody is in the vehicle, it begins the sterilization process and also automatically plans the sterilization cycles. This system is already being used in emergency vehicles in some regions.

We can say whether the coronavirus outbreak will determine whether these systems can find themselves in new vehicles. If a vaccine appears recently and the effect of the coronavirus is weakened, it will probably not take long for people to return to their old standards of life and forget about the outbreak. It is not known whether these technologies are still being spoken for vehicles in such a scenario.


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