‘Authentication failed’: how to resolve error in Free Fire


‘Authentication failed’: how to resolve error in Free Fire. Failure is recurrent in players who log in via Facebook, Google or VK; know how to fix.

Free Fire , Battle Royale of Garena available for download on mobile phones Android and iPhone ( iOS ), and PC via emulators, you can display the error “Authentication failed”. The problem prevents the player from logging in and starting games in the game. The error occurs when the server does not correctly receive the account information from Facebook , Google or VK . However, there are some tips that can help players solve this problem. Find out how to fix “Authentication failed” in Free Fire below.

Clear the game cache

Clearing the cache is most recommended when players log in to Free Fire through Facebook, Google or VK. When cleaning the cache memory, the operating system deletes all information related to the game, returning to the initial settings. To do so, if the device is Android, enter “Settings” and then click “Applications”. Select “Free Fire” and then “Clear the cache”. The method may also be different depending on the version of the operating system. It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to clear the Free Fire cache on iPhone (iOS).

Test different networks

Having a good Internet connection is essential to play Free Fire without any problem that may interfere in the gameplay. The network connection is also related to the presentation of “Authentication Failed”. Therefore, the best thing to do is to make several evaluations of the 4G or Wi-Fi Internet networks. At the end, the user must verify if the game continued to present the problem. Another tip is to try Free Fire on another phone, as some devices may have better reception than others.

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Do not play with the phone charging

Playing Free Fire on a cell phone with a charger plugged into the power outlet can also contribute to displaying the “Authentication Failed” error. According to Garena, charging the device can heat the components and, consequently, cause loss of performance. In this case, the most recommended is that the player charges the phone a few hours before playing Free Fire.

Close all applications in the background

Applications running in the background can also cause Free Fire to experience “Authentication Failed” issues. These applications can consume mobile data, RAM and battery. Therefore, Garena recommends that the player close unnecessary apps that are running in the background. In addition, the battery saving mode must also be disabled to prevent it from disrupting the performance of the game software.

To report

The player who encounters a “Authentication Failed” warning when starting Free Fire can also report the problem directly to the game developer. Garena provides a platform called “FF Support” ( https://www.garena.ph/support/) to assist all players who are experiencing recurring gaming problems. On the platform, the player must fill out a form with email address, game nick, ID number, brand, phone model and game version, in addition to describing the problem. The platform also accepts the attachment of files that help to support the problem.


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