Australia’s meteor in the sky captured by research ship


Space is of interest to enthusiasts and scientists around the world who not only search for life on other planets, but also solve other mysteries involving the formation of celestial bodies and the phenomenon they undergo. Often, meteorites are one of the most interesting and easy to observe.

Meteors, popularly known as shooting stars, illuminate the skies of cities around the world. Now, a very interesting report comes out this week from Australia, which is experiencing the fall of one of these celestial bodies. The event set the scene on the island of Tasmania, a region south of the ocean country, and was barely filmed.

At 21:21 local time on November 18, RV Investigator’s camera was positioned to precisely capture the meteor crash into the Australian sea. The research vessel, owned by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), is constantly broadcasting to study the ocean floor and was the only one to capture the celestial event.

Following the incident, several reports of witnesses reached the media and social networks, but none of them captured footage of that moment. Even the International Meteor Organization, which specializes in monitoring and documenting the event, does not seem to have any records.

“What we saw in the analysis of the images, especially the size and brightness of the meteor,” said John Hooper, director of the researcher’s CSIRO, in a press release, detailing how the incident surprised the team during the analysis of the images. “We were lucky to have caught everything on the ship’s camera,” he finished.

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