Australian Lawyer: Justin Sun Stealing


Australian lawyer Andrew Hamilton, CEO of JPB Liberty, thinks Justin Sun is stealing.

A big hard fork was made recently on the Steem platform that Justin Sun bought. As a result of the 0.23 hard fork, the tokens of 65 former Steem users who switched from the Steem network to the Hive network were seized. These people, who were affected by the incident, lost about 65 million dollars in total.

This hard fork, which the ‘stock market’ of giant exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex, had to support led to huge controversy in the cryptocurrency community. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao shared his views specifically on this incident and explained why they had to support this hard fork.

Theft made
We do not know how accurate such a “seizure” was made in Steem, under the direction of Justin Sun. But according to Andrew Hamilton, what Justin Sun does is considered theft according to laws in the United Kingdom and the US State of Texas.

Hamilton, who interprets the confiscation of more than 23 million Steem tokens belonging to 65 people; He thinks that the Steem network is largely under the control of Justin Sun and that Sun can therefore be held responsible for this incident. Hamilton, who shares a detailed analysis on the subject, comments:

“My legal opinion is that Justin Sun, Steemit Inc. and those who control Steem accounts are stealing under UK and Texas laws.”

What Will It Do?
Hamilton’s views do not mean anything concrete yet. Only if victims of the incident decide to file a mass action against Justin Sun or Steemit, they can benefit from Hamilton’s views.

We do not know if the victims of Steemit will take the case to court or not. But there are people who have lost more than 1 million dollars because of this hard fork. Also this event; He also has a big reaction from those who have no connection with Steemit and Hive. As such, the Steemit incident seems to remain on the agenda for a long time.


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