Australia region spends an hour using only solar energy


An entire region of Australia was able to operate for one hour using only 100% of the electricity generated from solar energy. The feat took place on October 11 of this year in the state of South Australia (South Australia), but it was only now possible to analyze the results of the experiment.

Altogether, during the period, 77% of the energy used came from solar panels installed on consumers’ roofs – the region has a recent plan to encourage the adoption of panels. The other 23% came from large-scale power generation farms located in nearby regions.

The test is a way of proving the effectiveness of the use of solar energy in the region not only as a sustainable alternative for interested parties, but as an efficient substitute for other forms of electricity generation. On the same day, everything that was generated from electricity by other means was stored in batteries or exported to other regions, helping the economy of the whole country.

And now?

According to ABC, experts believe that the tests can happen more frequently and with longer duration in the future.

More than 36 thousand roofs will be installed in the next 14 months in the region, in a process of popularization and cheaper technology. For now, a third of local homes are already able to generate their own electricity using photovoltaic solar energy.


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