Australia fine Sony $20 million for denying refunds to customers


The Australian government has determined that Sony will have to pay a fine of 3.5 million Australian dollars – just over R $ 20 million in direct currency conversion – to a group of customers who felt cheated by the company.

In fact, the case is a little more complicated: the Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe division was fined, which was the division consulted by customers, even though they live in Australia.

According to the lawsuit, they complained to the company over errors in digitally purchased games and were denied a refund by the manufacturer. According to her, the money would not be returned after downloading or after 14 days of purchase.

Illegal and unequal treatment

Furthermore, according to Reuters, she treated consumers differently: in one case, the company only offered credits from the store itself as compensation, while other customers were advised to complain directly to the company responsible for distributing and publishing the game. . This second group, made up of four players, opened the case in May against Sony Europe.

This attitude goes against the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which determines equal rights in physical and digital acquisitions. Because of the breach, the institution could sue Sony and set a fine. The company has not yet officially commented on the case, but has admitted responsibility in court. Complete information about the case can be found on the website of the responsible committee (in English).


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