Australia Banned Travel From Iran Due To Corona Virus


The Corona virus, which spreads very quickly and causes many activities to be canceled, continues to affect life negatively. Finally, Australia imposed a travel ban on passengers from Iran.

Corona virus, which occurs in China and is seen in many countries on different continents, from Australia to Europe, and then to neighboring countries, continues to affect life negatively. According to the official figures announced, the number of cases has exceeded 85 thousand and the number of people who lost their lives has exceeded 2 thousand 900.

The virus, which emerged in China, where we can classify it as the manufacturing plant of the world, expanded as it spread. Many companies that manufacture or have offices in China had to temporarily close their factories and offices. Many countries also banned Chinese flights.

Travel bans
After China, where the highest number of cases and deaths were seen, travel to other countries where the virus manifested itself was either restricted or a temporary cessation decision was made. One of the countries subject to travel prohibitions was Iran, our neighbor.

According to the official data announced, Iran is the fourth country where the most cases of Corona virus are seen. Iran also ranks second in total deaths, just after China. According to the official figures announced, 34 people lost their lives in Iran, where 388 cases were observed. Also, a news article in the BBC yesterday claimed that the number of people who died in Iran was at least 210.

Iran, where so many incidents and lives were lost due to the virus, became the subject of travel bans. The last minute, The Spectator Index Twitter page, stated that Australia has banned passengers from Iran.


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