Austin McBroom Was Criticized For Allegedly Not Paying Social Gloves Employees


The Twitter manager of Social Gloves accused Austin McBroom of “drowning him out” after he did not receive the promised paid role to run the account.

For the past few years, Social Gloves Entertainment has been one of the popular organizations hosting boxing events on YouTube.

His last organized event was in September 2022, when AnEsonGib knocked out Austin McBroom with a less-than-stellar ticket sale. Just a few days after the fight, Austin announced his indefinite break from boxing and has remained silent ever since.

Now the manager of Social Gloves is on Twitter accusing Austin McBroom of “drowning him out” after not getting a paid role to manage the account.

Social Gloves Twitter Manager Calls Austin McBroom

The person running the Social Gloves page on Twitter, in a series of already deleted tweets, named Austin McBroom, claiming that he was offered a paid role to run the page.

“I was promised a paid role by some random guy named Adam Cantonella, who has since disappeared from space and shut me up.” the tweet said. “And now Austin McBroom turns me off when I need help and can’t respond to a simple message that I’m literally begging for help.”

In a subsequent tweet, the person behind the tweets mentioned that he was told they would buy Twitter or pay him to launch it and help him in the future.

To learn more about the situation, the person behind the account also mentioned Landom McBroom and his wife Catherine.

The Twitter manager also urged Austin to pay for the PPV of the latest SocialGloves event, despite the fact that he maintains an account, and mentioned that they hired a lawyer for this situation.

At the time of writing, none of the McBroom family members have responded to messages. After the messages were deleted, the account tweeted that they had been “hacked again.”

Hacked again, lol, and I’m drunk 😎

— Social Gloves Entertainment (@socialgloves) January 23, 2023
We will definitely let you know if someone responds to the tweets. In the meantime, check out our entertainment section to find out more news.


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