Aurélie Vaneck pays tribute to her “love daddy”!


On her Instagram account, Aurélie Vaneck, former actress of Plus belle la vie, announced the death of her “love daddy”.

Aurélie Vaneck did not expect to start the year like this. The father of the actress, known in Plus belle la vie, took his last breath on the night of January 25-26.

How sad ! Aurélie Vaneck mourns her father. On the night of January 25 to 26, the former star of the soap opera Plus belle la vie announced her death on Instagram.

Thus, the actress shared a photo of him, all smiles, in black and white. “Have a nice trip my daddy love … Your smile will always shine in my heart,” she captioned her post.

While in mourning, the young woman did not deign to express herself further. In any case, his heartwarming message aroused general emotion in the comments section.

Indeed, the fans of Aurélie Vaneck wanted to lend their support. Something to warm his heart in this difficult time.

“Courage”, “Sweet Thoughts”, “My condolences,” “Losing your daddy is one of the hardest trials life inflicts on us, wholeheartedly with you 🙏” we read.

Other internet users give it all their courage. The one who lent her features to Ninon in Plus belle la vie does not count only on the support of her subscribers.

Thus, his companion Sébastien Alquier and his daughters, Liberté and Charlie, must also support him. So, she’s not alone …


It’s not for nothing that the former Plus belle la vie star received so much support on Instagram. The Marseille soap opera has indeed enabled him to acquire notoriety.

Thus, it is now followed by more than 70,000 people on the social network. In order to thank them, the pretty blonde always shares positive vibes with them.

And publications for the less warm. Except this time, of course. One thing is certain, it’s that his subscribers don’t blame him …

It must be said that Aurélie Vaneck can count on them since her debut in Plus belle la vie. And for good reason, it will have marked a whole generation, from 2004 to 2019.

After so many years, the one who took on the role of a young journalist, daughter of Vincent Chaumette, had said her farewell on social media.

“This is my opportunity to say a big thank you to the PBLV team of writers and producers for bringing to the screen such an important topic as sexual harassment. ”

“Thank you for allowing me to contribute to this difficult and delicate plot,” she concluded. After years of absence, she had indeed returned to the Mistral to confess a heavy secret to her father.

In short, the young woman was sexually assaulted by one of her teachers at the age of 17. A plot that echoed the #MeToo movement.


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