August’s Xbox Games with Gold is announced


August is approaching, and as usual Microsoft has just released through Xbox Wire the selection of titles offered with Games with Gold for the next month. Designed to act in the player’s nostalgia, the list has titles that were successful during the generation of the first Xbox.

Among the recently released titles, new features include Portal Knights, an action-adventure game heavily inspired by Minecraft, as well as Override: Mech City Brawl, a 3D fighting game that puts 12 customizable fuses to fight in real cities, featuring local multiplayer and online.

Among the games coming from the original Xbox are MX Unleashed, a famous motocross game full of secrets in open environments for exploration, and Red Faction 2, classic FPS that takes the player to face a political crisis in the human colony on Mars.

As always, each of the games will be available for a period of the month, it is important to keep an eye on not to lose the one that interests you the most. It is also worth mentioning that to have access to the titles, it is mandatory to have a subscription to the Live service

Even today, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox game marketing, said in an interview that the Xbox Game Pass is not profitable, but that it plays an important role in gaining a good customer base, something that facilitates the practice of actions that generate profit. in the future.

In addition, recent leaks have given us a small taste of what may be the white version of the new Xbox Series X controller, which as previously seen has great similarity to the Xbox One joystick.

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Portal Knights

“Forge your character, create epic weapons and defeat your enemies in this 3D sandbox action RPG. You and your group are the only hope for a world torn apart and terrified by the Hollow King. Raise your hero’s level while exploring dozens of islands randomly generated, creates incredible structures and interacts with the colorful inhabitants of the earth, on a mission to become the best Knight Portal.”

Override: Mech City Brawl

“High-octane mechanical battles are delivered in a ballad of overwhelming destruction! Experience a highly successful campaign, a multitude of local and online multiplayer modes and a cast of 12 gigantic fuses to pilot, each customizable and with its own special abilities. Take on your opponents and destroy environments inspired by real-life locations to become the main mechanical pilot. No gears, no glory! ”

MX Unleashed

“Replay a fantastically addictive freestyle motorcycle game from the classic Xbox era. Perform stunts and tricks on huge and dangerous trails to unlock the game’s incredible secrets in a wide variety of freestyle and supercross locations. With huge sandbox environments, this motocross game is a great off-road playground.”

Red Faction 2

“Fight to overthrow a corrupt dictator and government in this classic first-person shooter. It has been five years since the rebellion on Mars began and oppressed people in the community are rising. Lead a squad of unique super soldiers, each with their own specialized methods of destruction, ranging from demolitions to warships, to overthrow the corrupt government and restore peace on earth.”


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