August’s Most Talked About Cryptocurrencies


ICO Analytics, which is very popular among the cryptocurrency community, announced the most popular cryptocurrencies of August.

ICO Analytcis prepared a list of “Most Spoken Cryptocurrencies on Twitter” and shared it with the community with the data obtained through Twitter. Accordingly, the most mentioned crypto currency in August was Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) Became the Leader

The most talked about cryptocurrency on the list was Bitcoin (BTC) with a rate of 12.3%. As in the forefront of many categories, BTC has come to the fore and surpassed altcoins. The altcoin, which followed BTC, became Chainlink (LINK), the favorite of recent times. LINK also closely follows BTC with a rate of 10.9%.

The leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is in 3rd place with 8.3%. Considering the recent rise of Ethereum, it is quite natural for the cryptocurrency community to talk to this extent. ETH is followed by XRP with a rate of 4.9%. In 5th place is Tether (USDT) with 2.3%. USDT has risen 5 places in the ranking compared to the previous month.

Recent favorite Polkadot (DOT) is one of the cryptocurrencies that have just entered the list. DOT ranks 15th among the most talked about cryptocurrencies with a rate of 1.3%.

What’s the case with DeFi Coins?

DeFi Coins, a recent favorite, were also widely discussed on Twitter in August. Chainlink is already in the 2nd rank in the ranking. Apart from that, Swipe (SXP) ranks 6th with 2.1%. Band Protocol (BAND) is in 15th place with 1.5%. As you know, BAND also experienced a serious rise in the past months and made its investors happy.

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The popular coin (YFI), which surpasses Bitcoin in price, entered the list this month. YFI ranks 13th among the most talked about cryptocurrencies with 1.4%.


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