August 12 Wordle 419 Response


How to Play Wordle Hints for Wordle 419 from August 12, 2022 Answer for Wordle 419 dated August 12, 2022

Wordle is an easy—to-learn word puzzle game hosted on the New York Times Games website. Even though it went viral in early 2022, there are still word puzzle lovers who have yet to play, so here’s a little help for today’s puzzle.

How to Play Wordle

Although Wordle is a fairly simple game to learn, it can be difficult to master. There are several ways to start and play this game, but in order for players to create their own best Wordle strategies, they need to learn how to play first. Here are the rules:

First go to the New York Times Games website. It has been housed here since the newspaper giant acquired Wordle in February 2022. There are many copycat apps and sites out there, but this is the original. Everything in this article will be about the NYT version; others will have different answers and may even have slightly different rules of the game.

Then select the initial word. It should consist of five letters, be a real English word and contain letters characteristic of Wordle puzzles. Type this word into the top of the 5×6 grid on the Wordle website and press enter. After that, the letters will change color.

The letters that turn gray are incorrect and will not be displayed in the answer of the day. The letters that turn green are correct and are in the right place in the answer. The letters that turn yellow are correct, but are in the wrong place inside the word.

Given these clues, players have only six attempts to find the answer, and each guess gives them more clues in the form of letter colors. Puzzles are reset daily; everyone will get a new word of the day when the clock strikes midnight local time.

Hints for Wordle 419 on August 12, 2022

Although today’s Wordle solution is a fairly common five-letter word, some players may be confused due to the fact that many words are spelled almost the same as it. So, here are some tips that will help.

Today’s Wordle word contains a repeating letter. There are two vowels in the word, one of them is A. In this word there is also B. This is both a verb and a noun. It is usually used to describe a small piece of something containing a description of what it is attached to.

Answer for Wordle 419 dated August 12, 2022

Still need a full answer on Wordle for August 12? Check the spoiler under the image.

The answer to the Wordle 419 puzzle is a LABEL.

Wordle is available for any browser.


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