August 10 Wordle 417 Response


Once again, there is a brand new Wordle puzzle for fans all over the English-speaking world to try to solve. And, as in all previous puzzles, some may get confused in this word and need a couple of hints.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is a free browser game from New York Times Games. No account is currently required for this, but players will soon be able to link their Wordle scores to their New York Times Games accounts, meaning the game may not be free anytime soon. The NYT version is the original version of the game, and everything in this article will reference this Wordle. Other copycats and clones of the game will have different answers and may even have slightly different rules.

Here’s how to play:

Go to the New York Times Games Wordle website. Choose a good starting word. It should consist of five letters and be a real word. It should also contain frequently used letters in Wordle puzzles. Enter this selected initial word in the top row of the grid on the site. Press Enter. The letters will change color to give players some clues to the real answer. Green — correct, gray — incorrect, yellow — correct, but not in the right place in the word. Given these clues, players have a total of six attempts to find the correct answer. There is only one puzzle per day; at midnight local time there will be a new word for everyone.

After completing the puzzle, don’t forget to check the Wordle pop-up menu. It contains a spoiler-free “Share” button and Wordle player stats.

Tips for Wordle 417 on August 10, 2022

Today’s five-letter Wordle is pretty simple, but some players may still need one or two hints to get the answer without ruining their winning streaks.

Today’s word Wordle is a verb. This five-letter word begins with the letter C. It contains only one vowel. There are no duplicate letters. This word is used to describe the action of holding something dear. In contains the letter N. This word also has the letter G.

Answer for Wordle 417 dated August 10, 2022

Still need an answer to the Wordle riddle on August 10th? Check the full spoiler under the image.

Wordle 249 response for February 23, 2022

The answer to the Wordle 417 puzzle is to CLING.

Wordle is available for any browser.


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