Audi’s new electric Q4 e-tron will have dashboard realism


While the external look of the Audi Q4 e-tron is still a secret, the interior of the new electric model has been fully revealed by the German brand. The highlight is the large touch-sensitive panel and display with an augmented reality (AR) option.

With the new feature, instructions will be projected in real time on the vehicle’s windshield. According to the automaker, drivers will be able to see the information more easily, without taking their eyes off the road.

The main function of the panel with AR will be to indicate the route with the instructions being displayed in the exact places where it is necessary to make curves or change the direction. It will also give visual cues for changing lanes and show the safe distance to the vehicle in front.

In particular, the system features “tremor compensation” technology. Even with the continuous movement of the car and the tremor of the steering, drivers will be able to see all the projected data in a clear and stable way.

Check out the video with details of the interior and the new technologies of the Audi Q4 e-tron:

Tesla Model Y rival

The Audi Q4 e-tron is being touted as the rival of the Tesla Model Y. Despite being slightly smaller than the American automaker’s vehicle, the German model stands out in certain technical aspects and in innovations such as the AR panel.

Built on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.4, the Q4 e-tron features an engine with just over 300 horsepower with four-wheel drive. As well, it uses an 83 kWh battery with autonomy to run up to 450 km on a single charge.

As stated, Audi is still keeping the design of the new model a secret. However, the brand revealed the dimensions of the car: it will be 4.59 meters long, 1.86 meters wide and 1.61 meters high.


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