Audi Unveils Concept of Car Capable of Designing Games by Headlights


Audi: During a presentation at the Shanghai Motor Show that started last Thursday (21), Audi unveiled its newest electric car concept, the A6 e-tron, capable of reaching a 100 km / h mark in less than seven seconds and even design video games through their headlights.

Expected to be launched in 2023, the A6 e-tron, an autonomous model designed to cover up to 700 km per battery charge, comes equipped with revolutionary LED Digital Matrix headlights developed by Audi’s own team of designers. According to the automaker, drivers will be able to project their lights on walls while loading cars, being able to play video games as a form of hobby.

Currently undergoing tests, the vehicle’s lighting system will be able to play games on large-scale screens, fully controlled by a smartphone application linked to Audi. Despite the high processing power, the car will not be able to run any kind of emulated game or anything like that, but only games designed by the developers themselves to deliver an experience of sufficient dimensions that spend between 30 to 45 minutes, time required for a charge battery.

Check out a complete video below with the main features of the A6 e-tron.

What do you think of Audi’s new technology? Will there be a version of Doom programmed to work on the vehicle in 2023? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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