Audi ‘Separates’ Logo Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

The German-based automobile giant Audi made an impressive sharing against the coronavirus. The logo used by the company for years has been separated from COVID-19’s most basic measures to draw attention to social distance.

While the coronavirus, which the whole world is trying to deal with, continues to spread, everyone is trying to take some precaution against this virus. While people are closed to their homes individually, companies are trying to support this virus as much as they can. Audi, one of the world’s leading automakers, has now released an impressive message despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many of us know the logo of Audi. The company has created this logo, which has been used for years, by connecting four circles. The number one measure of the coronavirus epidemic is “social distance”. So as long as the epidemic continues, we need to keep our distance with the people around us and not get too close. Audi also emphasized the protection of social distance by separating the circles in its logo.

In a post on Audi’s Instagram account, we first see the standard logo of Audi. Then the circles in this logo are separated from each other and the phrase “Let’s keep the distance” appears. As the circles get closer again, a new message appears and this time it is said, “Let’s support each other.”

Sharing the logo of Audi
We can say that such coronavirus moves of both Audi and other companies are admirable. Because, despite all the lives that COVID-19 disease has taken, unfortunately it is still not taken seriously by certain segments. Such posts by large companies like Audi may perhaps change people’s beliefs about how serious the epidemic is.

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