Audi prepares electric car with ‘revolutionary’ design


Audi is developing a new model of autonomous electric car that promises to present a completely different design from the other options of the brand. The project was revealed by the head of design at the German automaker Marc Lichte, in an interview with the magazine Car and Driver, published on the 12th.

The revolutionary vehicle is part of the Volkswagen Group’s Artemis Project, which will also produce luxury and high-performance electrified cars for Porsche and Bentley, other brands of the German conglomerate, using the new modular platform Premium Platform Eletric (PPE).

Developed to travel long distances without the need for any human intervention, the model is codenamed “Landjet”. But for now, there is no information about this advanced autonomous driving system or about the electric motor.

While the automaker maintains secrecy about the technical aspects of the version, speculation suggests that it may have the same range promised for the Audi Aicon, a concept presented during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, whose design can also serve as inspiration for the developing model. If this is confirmed, the Landjet would have a range of 800 km.

Coupé sedan or Shooting Brake?

According to rumors, Audi is divided between two body shapes for its new “revolutionary electric car”. One of the possibilities would be the coupe sedan, while the other is the shooting brake concept, which mixes sedan, station wagon and sports characteristics.

Regardless of the manufacturer’s choice, it should have ample internal space for passengers, provided by the 100% electric configuration of the engine, bringing three rows of seats.

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The Audi Landjet is scheduled to launch in 2024, arriving to compete with models such as Mercedes-Benz EQS, Cadillac Celestiq, BMW i7 and Jaguar XJ. Tesla cars focused on long-distance travel are also among the targets of the novelty.


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