Audi Pauses Production of Electric Vehicle E-Tron in Brussels


Audi announced that they took a short break in e-Tron production due to a problem with the supply chain. According to the allegations, the production was stopped for a long time, but Audi denied these rumors. Production will restart in a few days, according to Audi’s statement.

Audi, which started producing electric cars, announced that it had a short break in the production of its hybrid vehicle, which it called e-Tron. There are different rumors about why Audi stopped car production. One of these was the claim that the corona virus also affected the Audi brand. Belga, a Belgian news agency, spoke with Audi’s spokesperson about this issue.

According to Belga’s comments, Audi’s factory spokesman did not want to indicate which parts were missing for electric SUV production and which supplier was responsible. However, he stated that the claims that the production was stopped completely were not correct. He also said that the problem has nothing to do with the corona virus outbreak in China, which are purely false news.

According to the statements of Belga; Audi is currently producing 20 vehicles per hour in Brussels. Normally 24 vehicles per hour are planned to be produced, while interrupting production caused a question mark in mind. It was stated that the decision of Audi to stop the production of the vehicle for a few days may cause the company to cause economic damage. Audi, who made such a decision on the grounds that they had supply problems, stated that they would start production as soon as possible.

After announcing that the production of Audi e-tron will decrease in the first quarter in January, many people wondered why. The main problem was thought to be mainly due to supplier LG Chem.

LG Chem, which has established a factory near Wroclaw in Poland, aimed to supply parts to automakers for about 300,000 electric cars annually. To this end, the company raised the initially planned 320m-euro investment to almost 1.4 billion euros, which may have caused LG Chem to have difficulty catching up with supplies.

According to a report previously released by a news agency called “L’echo”, Audi was the most hybrid vehicle selling brand among other car brands. Therefore, it was claimed that the only reason that this production was stopped was supply problems. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed. Audi, who remains silent against all these rumors, is not known whether he will make a statement later.


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