Audacity Changes Terms of Use and Public Calls it ‘Spyware’


Audacity: Changes in the terms of use of Audacity, a free digital audio editing software, displeased users of the tool, who started calling the program spyware. The changes, under the responsibility of the new owner of the platform, the Muse Group, were implemented last Friday (2).

The new rules provide for the collection of two main types of data, aimed at analysis and compliance with legal requirements, according to the company
As for the first case, the data refer to the operating system version and CPU details of the machine on which the application is installed, as well as eventual error codes and the country where the PC is used. However, the second scenario is what aroused concerns.

Without specifying what it refers to, Audacity now indicates that it will grant the material that is necessary to respond to requests from legislative authorities and processes, whatever they may be, an imposition that it deems legitimate in its interests. The move is “totally unacceptable”, argues the public under discussion on GitHub.

What to do?

As it is an open source application, interested and interested in Audacity can download other, older versions of the same program, available on the web and beyond the control of the Muse Group.

In any case, anyone who doesn’t mind the demands and wants to take advantage of new features launched by the “original” alternative, already know that privacy is not the solution’s strong point.


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