Auction of Revenue in São Paulo has iPhone for from $ 700


The Federal Revenue of São Paulo will hold an auction next Thursday (27) with several products coming out at lower prices in relation to the market.

Among the available electronics, it is worth mentioning a 64 GB iPhone 6S that appears alone in lot 11 for as little as R $ 700, while lot 9 points to an iPhone 8 Plus with the same 64 GB for R $ 2,200. Both are on sale in national retail for from R $ 2,289 and R $ 2,999, respectively.

There are also options that bring notebooks, memory cards and other types of devices separated in batches for Individuals and Companies. Interested in purchasing the products should bid until next Wednesday (26).

Unlike other auctions, this time there is not so much variety aimed at individuals. Lots 9 and 11, with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 6S, have the company of lot 10, consisting of a 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus that is available for as little as R $ 1,800.

The same model also appears in option number 3 for at least R $ 1,200, while the iPhone 7 is found in lots 4 and 5, with 128 GB and 32 GB, costing R $ 1,200 and R $ 1,100, respectively. The apple smartphone currently appears in these versions with prices starting at R $ 2,599 and R $ 1,998, both according to Compare.

Another option open to Individuals is lot 61, bringing several products, among them a Redmi Note 7, from Xiaomi, a Bluetooth headset not specified by the IRS and two XP-Pen digital tables. The total price of the set starts at R $ 5,000.

Among the options aimed at Legal Entities, it is worth highlighting lot 5, with three notebooks for as little as R $ 1,500. One has 14 inches and is from an unknown brand, according to the IRS, while the other two are from Xiaomi: the 13.3-inch Mi Air with 8 GB of RAM and another model with 16 GB of memory that did not have its specified name. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer does not yet offer laptops in Brazil.

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There is also the option number 54, with 605 memory sticks from Kingston that were also not identified, starting at R $ 8 thousand. It is worth mentioning that products purchased in batches for Individuals can be resold later, unlike the sets opened to Legal Entities.


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