Attention to SHIB and 3 Altcoins: Affiliate, Listing and More…


The cryptocurrency market is experiencing selling pressure based on macroeconomic reasons. Meanwhile, SHIB and 3 major altcoin projects are forging significant listings and partnerships. Here are the details…

$1 billion in Bitcoin reserves reserved for UST stablecoin

Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) has raised $1 billion through an over-the-counter sale of Terra Blockchain’s native token, LUNA. One of the largest in the history of the crypto market, this investment was made by Jump Crypto and Three Arrows Capital, with participation from Republic Capital, GSR, Tribe Capital, DeFiance Capital and other anonymous investors. Proceeds from the $1 billion sale will go towards building a Bitcoin-denominated forex reserve for Terra’s largest stablecoin, UST.

In another recent development, xHashtagio (XTAG) has been released on the Avalanche Blockchain. Users will be able to migrate XTAG from Solana to Avalanche network using Wormhole.

SHIB is listed on the ZebPay exchange

Indian cryptocurrency exchange ZebPay has announced that its recently launched QuickTrade feature now supports Shiba Inu. QuickTrade enables instant trading with cryptocurrencies without any transaction fees. Users don’t have to wait for their order to match for their request to be fulfilled. Previously, this feature was only available for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon (MATIC).

In the latest news of the list, let’s end with an important partnership from the crypto money market, as the Russian ruble fell to 6-year lows against the dollar after the Ukraine move. Serving as a bridge between DeFi and traditional finance (TraFi), SEBA Bank became the first licensed bank to become the “whitelister” of the DeFi-focused AAVE platform. According to the social media announcement of the altcoin project, after the voting, AAVE management accepted SEBA Bank’s request to become a whitelister. The following statements were included in the statements:

Customer interest in DeFI has increased dramatically at SEBA. SEBA believes Aave Arc is the best solution to meet corporate demand, as it is subject to anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CFT) legislation in many countries.