Attention to these shares in the coronavirus outbreak


Goldman Sachs, one of the largest banks in the world, has released a new report on the coronavirus outbreak. According to the information cited by CNBC, Goldman Sachs thinks that this epidemic will earn some companies.

Opportunity Has Come to Some
Many countries, including Turkey various enterprises, institutions and organizations began to quarantine. While some countries have declared state of emergency, some countries are reviewing a possible curfew.

In the course of this process, many businesses started to lose a large amount of money, and as a result, closed. The shares of companies, whose income decreased due to quarantine, also began to depreciate. However, Goldman Sachs thinks that some companies can benefit from this process.

Which Shares?
Goldman Sachs offers investors especially people to work remotely, get remote services etc. suggests to pay attention to companies that help.

These company shares, which we can call “home-based shares”, can start to gain value while coronavirus panic has surrounded the world. Goldman Sachs draws attention to companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Ebay, Chewy, Peloton, Chegg and Spotify in this process.

According to CNBC’s report, these companies can benefit from quarantine applications in many countries. Companies like Booking Holdings, Expedia, Uber and Lyft are expected to be harmful from this process.


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