Attention to Fraud Method with Vitalik Buterin!


Although the famous video sharing platform YouTube has shown that it has been censoring content related to crypto money in the past months, crypto fraudsters seem to be unaffected by this situation.

A few days ago, fraudsters who used Brad Garlinghouse had reached 260,000 subscribers with the YouTube account opened on behalf of the Ripple CEO. The so-called live scams on this account defrauded hundreds of investors based on the tactic of “send us 5 XRP, let us give you 50 XRP”.

It is seen that the fraudsters, who are not satisfied with this, later used Bill Gates and now Ethitalum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. An old video of Buterin is playing in the video, which is still broadcast according to the press time and appears as a live broadcast. On the other hand, it is promised that they will receive as much as ETH per ETH they send to investors.

Ethereum Airdrop Is Not Real
The first promise of investors will be instantly refunded between 30 ETH and 10,000 ETH to those who send 3 ETH and 500+ ETH. In addition to this, in the bonus section, those who send between 10 and 50 ETH are given 100 ETH, those who send between 50 and 100 ETH, 500 ETH and similar exponentially increasing airdrop news.

Of course, none of the above promises will come true, and this is a simple fraud. However, users need to be very careful about these issues.


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