I’ve been begging, but finally Justin Bieber is going to release a new album. The Canadian singer had not released an album for five years and his fans began to get impatient. Now we know that the fifth study work of the star will be called Changes and will be the most romantic day of the year: Friday, February 14.

To make the wait lighter for his fans, Justin released in early January the first single from this album: Yummy. And what happened? That in less than three weeks it has managed to be number one. Of course, Justin’s team has made some chipmunks to getki,

Yummy premiered on January 4 on all digital platforms. He did it with a video clip of the most pink where we saw the star in the middle of a banquet full of strange food. Bieber fans have received the theme with all their joy, listening to their idol’s new material over and over again in their playlists.

Well, although no one denies that the subject has had millions of reproductions, part of the success of the theme could be related to some traps that Bieber’s team could have made to increase the reproductions of the song.

There were a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram that encouraged believers to do a series of actions that would help their idol to be number one. “Justin wants to be number 1 and is very excited about this song,” said one of the publications.

Then, the user began by giving a series of tips to help Justin achieve the goal: “If you don’t want to do anything I say next, that’s fine too, just ignore this post. These are tips for those people who really want to make an extra effort for their favorite singer. ”

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And what are the traps that this user lists? The first was to create playlists on Spotify with just the song of Yummy. Once done, you have to let it ring all night. We scratch a hundred views per user every night, huh.

The second is to compare the song on iTunes through the Justin Bieber website from different accounts. Another trick is, on Twitter, when sharing the video clip, put the link of the video instead of doing retuit.

Although no one denies the success of Yummy, perhaps the followers and more staunch followers of the singer have carried out this plan. In fact, the posts with the tricks disappeared within hours.

It’s no wonder that some fan groups make these kinds of “traps” to help their idols reach number one before. And, in reality, they do nothing illegal. So everything is fine.


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