Attack on Titan: Part 2 of Season 4 Of The Anime Gains Image; Look!


Attack on Titan: Recently, animation studio MAPPA published a photo to promote the second half of Season 4 of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin, in the original). Divided into two parts, the first episodes of the final season of the anime were released in December 2020.

Based on a manga of the same name, Attack on Titan’s story focuses on an apocalyptic era. In the plot, 9 giant titans attack planet Earth and decide to make human beings their main food. Thus, the characters in the animation must fight these creatures to survive in this terrible scenario.

The manga, which published its first volume in 2009, has received several adaptations over the years. Since its release, Hajime Isayama’s story has inspired movies, games and anime.

Unlike its first three seasons, produced by Wit Studio, the 4th and final season is being produced by MAPPA, directed by Teruyuki Omine.

Part 2 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan is set to premiere only in 2022

With the recent end of the first part of Season 4 of Attack on Titan, fans are already eager to discover the latest developments on the show.

To calm the nervousness, Funimation, one of the streaming platforms responsible for distributing the show in several countries, made a publication on its official website. “The battle is not over yet. Episode 76 is officially in production and will arrive during the 2022 winter season,” he wrote.

Funimation also added that no information was passed on by the studio responsible for production. “No additional details have been revealed, but stay tuned for updates ahead of the series’ winter 2022 return,” he pointed out.

In Brazil, Attack on Titan is distributed by Crunchyroll, streaming focused on Asian productions such as animes, dramas and songs. Its catalog has titles like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Super and several others.


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