Attack on Titan: Part 2 of season 4 is confirmed for 2022


With the showing of the 4×16 episode of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin, in the original) this Monday (29th), the first part of the 4th season ends its cycle. However, it was announced by NHK that the new episodes of the anime series will be shown as early as the first quarter of 2022.

“The battle is not over yet. Episode 76 is officially in production and will arrive during the winter season [in the northern hemisphere] of 2022, ”wrote Funimation on its official website. The streaming platform is one of the distribution windows for anime in several countries.

“No additional details have been revealed, but stay tuned for updates before the return of the 2022 winter of the series,” they added.

A short teaser with information related to the season’s outcome was also released recently.

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Attack on Titan: the last chapter of the manga will be published soon

The 4th season of Attack on Titan started airing on December 7, 2020 on NHK. Streams Funimation and Crunchyroll also distributed the series shortly after the original screening, with subtitles initially in English.

It is worth mentioning that the production is an adaptation of the eponymous manga by Hajime Isayama. However, the publication of the print media has not yet ended and is scheduled to launch its last chapter on April 9 by Bessatsu Shonen magazine – in Japan, it is very common for manga to be published in this format.

Subsequently, the last bound volume will be released in the country. Sales are expected to start on June 9th. That way, fans who can’t wait for the official airing of the end of season 4 will be able to check the outcome through the pages of the comics.

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The last episodes of Attack on Titan will arrive in 2022.


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