Attack on Titan: Discover the unsolved Mysteries in Anime


Some mysteries about Attack on Titan have been solved, while others may never be solved in the anime.

Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin, is one of the most popular anime series of the 2010s. The popularity of the series was due to many factors. One of these is that its plot is full of intriguing mysteries.

The third season of anime showcased a ton of these solved mysteries, but there are still some big questions left for the series to solve in the future. Will they be resolved even when the manga ends?

With the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan, the series is expected to answer some of the show’s unsolved mysteries. Without further ado, here is a look at the five biggest mysteries that have been left unsolved.

Ymir’s fate in Attack on Titan
One of the great mysteries that the series has yet to solve is Ymir’s fate. She was last seen when she decided to join Reiner and Bertolt on their journey to meet their superior, the Beast Titan. Even though this was shown in the third anime season, Ymir was not with them.

Ymir’s disappearance between anime seasons two and three raised a question about her fate. One possibility is that the Titan Shifter killed her to regain the power she stole from the Shifters. The other possibility is that she escaped from the Changelings sometime between their appearances.

The origins of the Titans

While the true nature of the Titans has been revealed, their exact origins have yet to be revealed. While Grisha’s flashback featured what the Marley inhabitants believe to be their true origin, it was shown that Ymir received the power to create them through a demon.

The problem with this origin is that Marley created this story to justify her mistreatment of the Eldians by giving them a demonic origin. This troublesome origin featured in the Titans, creates an important question as to what is the true origin of these giants.

Eren Jaeger’s prophetic dream

A mystery from the first episode of the anime, it was a terrifying dream experienced by Eren Jaeger. In this dream, Eren seems to see future events. This event includes his mother being eaten by a Titan and seeing Hannes die.

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The series has yet to explain the reasoning behind this prophetic dream. A possible answer to this question is related to “how Titan Shifter can access the memories of his predecessors”.

While this ability has been primarily seen by Eren being able to access his father’s memory, there are indications that shapeshifters can access memories from the future. The main clue is that Grisha’s predecessor mentions Mikasa and Armin long before they were born.

The world before the Titans

While much has been revealed about the Titans and the world outside the walls, little is known about the world before these monsters appeared. When this question was first raised in Attack on Titan, there was an assumption that the answer is hidden behind walls.

The revelations at the end of the third season completely rule out this earlier assumption. While the Titans are now established to have existed for centuries prior to the series, there are still plenty of mysteries from the pre-Titans world.

These mysteries hint that Shingeki no Kyojin takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. These suggestions include various references to real world myths and legends along with an off-the-wall world map that looks similar to one of Earth.

The origins of the Ackerman Clan

A minor revelation during the third season of Attack on Titan, is that Levi and Mikasa are distant relatives of each other. This reveals and also explains that his extraordinary physical strength is the result of his family, the Ackermans, being different from the other humans living on Paradis.

After the end of the third anime season, there are still a lot of mysteries about the Ackerman lineage. A mystery, it is the reason why the members of this clan are physically superior to the average human. Another unsolved mystery is why there are only humans in Pardis who are immune to Cordinate’s power.


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