Attack on Titan: 10 animes similar to the action series


Attack on Titan: The 4th season of Attack on Titan was quite innovative, taking the story four years into a new era with other enemies and higher stakes. The tyrannical Marley Empire came on the scene just in time for Eren Yeager to become a radical cheater in search of Eldia’s restoration.

Undoubtedly, countless anime fans are looking forward to the rest of the season. However, until then, other animations may have a similar style that can fill the gap.

Check out 10 animes like Attack on Titan.

10. Gunslinger Girl

In this anime, the Social Welfare Agency in Italy is a secret facade for an anti-terrorist organization that abducts traumatized girls and enhances them with cybernetic implants and mental conditioning to create perfect killers to protect the public. If that’s not obscure enough for Attack on Titan fans, the story gets even more complicated.

9. Death Parade

Although Death Parade doesn’t have as much action as Attack on Titan, the anime delves even deeper into the corrupted psyche of human nature. The anime takes place in a world between life and death in which those who have died can have one last drink while their sins and secrets are revealed to supernatural waiters, whose purpose is to make judgments.

8. Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki is another steampunk series (bordering on dieselpunk) that can remind Attack on Titan fans of the war of the Marley Empire with its many enemies. Survival is the top priority in this isekai, and the anti-heroine protagonist, Tanya Degurechaff, with a harem of elven girls, is hardly a standard isekai protagonist.

The reborn Tanya joins the German Empire and quickly rises through the ranks of the Magic Force, determined to escape her destiny and counter the divine Being X who put her there.

7. Kaisen Jujutsu

In terms of content, Jujutsu Kaisen differs from Attack on Titan. However, with the anime, fans can enjoy another shonen series that borders the dark seinen territory.

Kaisen jujutsu is bloody and cruel. The protagonist Yuji Itadori is quickly immersed in a confused world where cursed energy and monsters rule the day.

6. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a dark, albeit vaguely optimistic, story of revenge, pain and the purpose of war, told on the bloody battlefields of medieval Europe. It is the beginning of the 11th century and the Viking armies practically conquered England, while the rest of Europe faces terror in the face of their axes.

5. Berserk

With revenge as the driving force, the notorious Berserk franchise can appeal to Vinland Saga fans as well as Attack on Titan.

This’ 90s anime doesn’t cover the entire manga series, but it’s a good start. The dark story of Eren Yeager’s revenge and anger are clear parallels with Guts’ quest to save Casca and bring the monstrous Griffith to justice. Berserk has earned his reputation as a landmark in the manga world.

4. Darker than Black

In this anime, the night sky was replaced by fake stars after two space anomalies in different parts of the world. Ten years later, beings with supernatural powers emerged, which were kept secret. However, with great power comes a great cost.

Darker than Black is full of espionage, murder and tortured souls and guarantees to live up to its name for any Attack on Titan fan.

3. Darwin’s Game

Attack on Titan fans can quickly lose faith in humanity, as the darker side of human nature is exposed when people from all over Japan participate in the killing of the Darwin Game. A phone game that grants supernatural powers becomes a race for life when all players are murderers. Even so, one man, Sodou Kaname, decides to end the competition.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Attack on Titan has a steampunk-style atmosphere, especially within the Marley Empire, with its military technology from the First World War era. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a similar aesthetic. Fans who immerse themselves in the anime can enjoy a brave pseudo-European setting, where armed conflict, obscure schemes, distorted science and the dual nature of humanity define the complex but compelling storyline.

1. Death Note

While Death Note does not have the same kind of bloody action that exists in Attack on Titan, it is still one of the darkest animes out there.

Light Yagami was just a normal boy prodigy in Japan, until he found a notebook that could kill a person by simply writing his name on it. With an arrogance often found in the powerful, he traces the path of murder while aiming to make the whole world a better place.