Attack of the Titans: Explanation of the Transformation of the Founding Titan Eren


Eren Jagger found his final form in Attack of the Titans, but what secrets are hidden behind this giant mass of bones and evil intentions? Since the 4th season of Attack of the Titans began, Eren has transformed from a classic Shonen-style protagonist into a bloodthirsty devil corrupted by the same cycle that Marley and Eldia have been repeating for centuries. Believing that the only way to protect his friends is to destroy everyone else, Eren decides to discover the divine power of the Founding Titan. Although it would seem that his older brother Zeke prevented Eren, Eren wins the Attack of the Titans, episode 80, “From you, 2000 years ago”, and turns into a real Titan founder.

In the dramatic final episode “Attack of the Titans”, Eren shows himself as a titan for the last time, marked by the same larger-than-usual burst of lightning and energy that heralded the transformation of Ymir 2,000 years ago. His decapitated head comes back to life, and then immediately begins to transform into a massive, sprawling skeleton, many times larger than even the massive Titans housed in the three walls of the Colossal Titans of Paradise Island. Attack of the Titans refrains from showing Eren’s full body in the 80th episode, but the full scale of his skeletal Titan founder is revealed by the end of Season 4, Part 2. How did Eren transform, what powers does he now possess and why does he look like this?

As Zeke learned while waiting for Eren to awaken on the Way, the power of the Founding Titan is nothing more than Ymir responding to requests-a boundless young girl pulling the strings of her bloodline. This meant that Zeke could persuade Ymir to renounce the oath of abdication imposed on the royal family by King Karl Fritz 100 years beforeĀ Attacks on Titan. However, Ymir Fritz’s humanity goes both ways, and Eren convinces her to trust him instead, using the anger that comes from Fritz/Reiss’ many years of slavery. Being the only person not belonging to the royal family who met Ymir on the Way, Eren is the first person who has ever awakened Ymir’s inner desire for freedom, and she is happy to give him full control over the Founding Titan.

Explanation of the appearance of the founding titan Eren

“Attack of the Titans” has already shown how different incarnations of the same Werewolf Titan can look completely different – for example, Eren’s Attacking Titan against his father’s titan. However, Eren’s founding Titan is nothing like Ymir when she was still crushing the Marleian soldiers as copycat centurions. The body of the founding Titan Eren looks different for two reasons. Firstly, the Founder of Ymir is a combination of all the other Titans – the size of a Colossus, the claws of a Jaw, the shape of a Woman, etc. Although Eren of Titan Attack has the power of the Founder, his Titan cocktail is not exactly the same. However, more important for the appearance of his final transformation is that Gabi beheaded Eren. A distinctive feature of the Founding Titan is an insect-like thorax emanating from the spine and wrapping around the body, which can be seen in the form of the monster Ymir Fritz. Eren has the same bone structure, but due to his head being severed at the neck, his bizarre Titan spine grows uncontrollably before joining his torso and head, forming almost entirely Eren’s Founding Titan. If Eren had persuaded Ymir before Gabi was fired with a massive rifle, he could have turned into something more like the founding Titan Ymir Fritz (but without the aspects from the Woman, Jaw, etc.).

The founding titan Eren with his ability to coordinate will be quite difficult to kill. As a rule, those who want to shoot down a Titan aim at the back of his head, but where to start if the creature consists of 96% of the ribs? Not to mention that Eren now has almost complete control over his fellow Eldians and commands an army of giants with big feet who like to stomp their feet. Eren could force Ymir to summon other Titans into battle, he could directly influence other Eldians (as evidenced by his telepathic communication), or he could just sit back and let the Rumbler wipe out anyone who threatens the safety of his friends. For a long time in Attack of the Titans, the beautiful appearance of the main character Eren did not match his inner darkness. Now his appearance is as twisted and grotesque as his intentions.

What We Know about the Attack of the Titans Season 4 Part 3

The destruction of the terrifying Founding Titan Eren will be the main goal of the remaining main characters of the series in Attack of the Titans, season 4, part 3. The last nine chapters of the manga remaining for the animation of MAPPA include this battle, a few more memories of the first appearance of the main cast on the street. Paradis Islands and further conflict with Floh. Thus, it is likely that all these elements will be presented in the plot of the 3rd part of the 4th season of “Attack of the Titans”. The series finale should also complete the relationships of some key characters, in particular Eren and Mikasa’s relationship, and perhaps even solve some lingering mysteries, such as Mikasa’s strange headaches.