Atomic Heart Gets A Release Date For The End Of The Year


Atomic Heart is another one of those games that gained public attention with trailers and various promotional materials, making many wonder when it would be available. If you are in this group, we finally have a release window.

In a new video released this week by producer Mundfish, it was said that the game will be available to the public some month ending in “ber” (which, in Portuguese, would translate to “bro”). As such, it would arrive sometime between September and December, with its exact date to be announced later.

Watch the footage in question below, and take the opportunity to see some of the environments visited on the journey, as well as moments of action and some other resources that will help shape this adventure further:


It is worth remembering that Atomic Heart is described by many as a kind of Russian BioShock, and already confirmed as a game that will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on launch day.

Atomic Heart will be released in versions for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.