Atmospheric Pokemon animation demonstrates Bill’s Lighthouse


A Pokemon fan has created a short animation with a scene from the anime franchise. Those who love Game Freak games have been creating works of art based on them for years, creating stunning works that everyone could like. Pokemon art has affected a number of different environments, including animation of gamers who like the series.

One of the most important characters of the early Pokemon games is Bill. The character found in Pokemon Red and Blue is a scientist known for creating a storage system that players use to store their extra pocket monsters. One gamer created an animation inspired by one of the episodes of the anime role-playing game, which features Bill and his lighthouse.

A Reddit user under the nickname tworedpillowcases shared a short animation of Bill’s lighthouse that they made. The work depicts Ash and Pikachu from the anime “Pokemon” standing in the rain with an umbrella and looking towards the lighthouse. The words “Bill’s Lighthouse” appear at the top of the stage and disappear when the light from the structure rotates. The animation ends when the giant Dragonite approaches the building, very similar to how Pokemon appears in the anime. This part is great for those who grew up on the series, as they can recognize a scene from their youth.

The animation, which was made by tvoredpillowcases, has won several fans. One of the fans called the work fantastic and stated that they felt nostalgic when they saw it, as they liked to watch this scene when they were children. One of the users mentioned that the appearance of Dragonite caused goosebumps on his back, and another called this work threatening. One gamer even reminded players to thank Ampharos, an electric-type Pokemon whose gaming knowledge says they are used for beacons.

Another Redditor, known as MrFrtc, also created a Pokemon-based animation. The clip begins with the main character, who has a kubon sitting on his head, standing on top of a snow-covered mountain. They are surrounded by several pocket monsters, including Avalugg, Sphils and Abomasnou. The character approaches the tombstone in front of him with a letter on it, which turns out to be from their father. When the main character reads a letter that mentions the “big blue bird”, an Article flies by. The character watches as the Pokemon soars into the sky, leaving an icy trail behind it. Both MrFrtc and tworedpillowcases have created short animations that will help fans of the Game Freaks franchise remember all their adventures.


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