Atlassian launches new Trello update


The project management application Trello today announced (16) a major update on the platform. The website will gain a visual review of the logo and illustrations that appear both in the web version and in the application and new card customization functions.

Five new panel views will be added in addition to the known standard layout. The changes include: visualization of the timeline for organizing deadlines in complex projects, panel for displaying data in bar graphs, lines and sectors, and visualization of the calendar to monitor individual monthly task items. In addition, the development team is adding 30 new types of cards, which will make it possible to view content from other sites, such as YouTube, Google Drive and JIRA, without leaving the platform.

“During the pandemic, Trello became the new office for many people in a remote first world. The change, together with the frantic adoption of digital tools, has led to an exponential increase in the demand for virtual management tools ”, explains Trello co-founder Michael Pryor, in a text published on his blog this Tuesday (16). Pryor leads the platform for enterprise software giant Atlassian after its acquisition in 2017.

According to him, the management application has reached the mark of 50 million users and the plan now is to expand the way that Trello works with services such as Google Drive, JIRA and Slack. “Today, we are presenting the start of an entirely new Trello, created specifically to support teams at the beginning of a new era of work. These resources, together with our plans for the future, will give users a central point of view to visualize, plan and approach their work ”.