Atlas Fallen and Forspoken may have similar appeal


Gamescom 2022 has already presented a number of exciting discoveries and announcements, as well as several surprises that have crept into the Opening Night Live show. One of the new games presented was the upcoming Deck13 Atlas Fallen role-playing game, a high-octane magic game set in a fantasy world. Until now, Gamescom has been filled with interesting and exciting games, and therefore new games may have been hard to hear because of the noise.

However, Atlas Fallen’s unique emphasis on sand as a major component of not only the game’s design and landscape, but also its gameplay and combat, helped it stand out from the Gamescom crowd. It also made the brand new IP resemble another upcoming game — Forspoken from Luminous Productions. Although both games are yet to be released, from what players have seen so far, there seem to be several points of comparison, such as the elemental magic at the heart of combat and the dynamic movements of the protagonist as he slides and slides. Wednesday.

Dynamic crawling and dynamic gameplay

In recent weeks, Forspoken has been criticized for clumsy dialogues and inappropriate tone, and players are ridiculing a recently published gameplay clip depicting some banal lines and a slightly strange pitch. The action RPG has been postponed several times already, and there were periods of its development when gamers heard almost nothing about how the name was developing. This caused a little concern among fans looking forward to the release of Forspoken, but despite these irregularities, there is no denying that the game looks incredibly exciting.

One of the best parts of Forspoken that players have seen so far is smooth movement and creative combat, as the protagonist Frey uses his newfound elemental powers to fight enemies and jump, flip and slide across landscapes. Gamers have only taken a cursory look at the next name of the Surge developer, Atlas Fallen, but from what has been revealed so far, it looks like it may have a lot in common with the yet-to-be-released Forspoken. The main cinematic trailer shows characters manipulating the landscape, easily gliding along sandy slopes and defying gravity with their dynamic movements, like Frey from Forspoken.

Magic Battle

If fans were already excited about Forspoken, it looks like they might like Atlas Fallen too. His dynamic action and emphasis on magical abilities to fight antagonists are very similar to Forspoken’s own glimpses of gameplay, and the Atlas Fallen characters also look as powerful as Frey. This should make the fight exciting and varied, especially when combined with the variety of each game and freedom of movement. Similarly, Atlas Fallen’s main characters seem to have abilities centered around elemental abilities, such as the ability to add lightning damage or create sand weapons, which hints at the ability to diversify collisions and create some visually stunning fights.

As in Forspoken, Atlas Fallen characters travel across a vast map filled with threats, in a region that is struggling with its own decay and destruction. Until now, little has been known about the history of Atlas Fallen, but gamers know that they will fight the ancient gods, trying to turn the tide for humanity. Players will fight with large mythical beasts, as well as with many different opponents, and the fantasy themes underlying both games and combined with elements of an action role-playing game should appeal to a variety of gamers.

Atlas Fallen will be available in 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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