Atlantic Ocean is expanding gradually, says study


Still in 2016, a team of scientists from the United Kingdom and Italy distributed 39 seismographs along the Atlantic Ocean in order to study the movement of their tectonic plates. Initially, they did not expect extraordinary results, however, the devices revealed surprising data after 5 years of waiting.

It seems that the Atlantic Ocean is gradually expanding over the years, thanks to the seismic activity of the magma mantle in the North Atlantic Dorsal. The strong tectonism present at the site is moving large volumes of mass, similar to the way that volcanic islands – such as Hawaii and Iceland – are created, however, without reaching the surface of the seabed.

The scientific consensus, prior to the study, pointed out that tectonic plates in the Atlantic Ocean were less active, however, the data revealed that there are much more frequent records than expected for local tectonic activity. Although intriguing, the study is still in its early stages and will need further data analysis to better understand the phenomenon.


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