Atlanta: Season 3 Opens in 2022; Season 4 is Confirmed!


After three years, Atlanta received updates about its 3rd season. According to FX President John Landgraf, the new episodes have already been recorded and are currently in post-production, with the series expected to debut in 2022. He also commented that season four is currently in production.

“[Atlanta] is listed as one of the things that will return in the first half of 2022, so that’s our expectation and we think we’ll be able to close dates for three, maybe four new cycles soon,” he explained.

“We didn’t close the schedule for season three, but filming ended,” Landgraf continued. “Actually, it was shot mostly in Europe. It’s in post-production, but it’s a long post-production process, and part of the reason it’s so long is because they’re actually in production right now in season four in Atlanta.”

The series’ plot follows Earn (Glover) and his cousin Paper Boy (Brian Tyree Henry), a rising rapper. While they get to know the world of music, they discover a less glamorous world involving social issues. The series has already won two Golden Globes and five Emmy Awards.