ATINY Defend ATEEZ Yunho From “Inappropriate” Comments by Participants


ATEEZ Yunho became the object of inappropriate comments by a fanball participant, which forced ATINY to stand up for him.

What happened on the video call? That’s what we know.

ATINY accuse a member of the funkall of “inappropriate” statements to Chunho from ATEEZ

On January 10, ATINY contacted a fan with unacceptable comments about Chunho from ATEEZ.

During the funkall, Yunho was wearing a V-neck shirt that slightly exposed his chest.

In the video, the participant claimed that she should focus on Yunho’s face, but her gaze continued to wander, perhaps on the bare skin on his chest. After that, Yunho covered his chest with his hand, looking embarrassed by the comment.

Watch the full clip below:

Fans criticized the speaker for his statements, saying how unpleasant it was for Yunho. In addition, they stated that this action could be qualified as sexual harassment.

“I know you like him, but why did you say that to a stranger? You don’t even know each other personally. How do you know if you agree with your thoughts? this is a fact, but please weigh your words.”

“Oh my God, thank you so much for paying attention to this! I’ve been thinking the same thing and wondering why so many people seem to agree with this? Like, poor YU. This moment from a stranger must be so uncomfortable.”

Some fans have expressed dislike for the concept of fancalls, as it can lead to border issues and unexpected events, such as the Yunho incident.

They also stated that Yunho is reserved when it comes to showing skin, emphasizing the inappropriate nature of the comment and the influence on the idol.

Double standards? ATINY discusses inverted gender roles in the clip

In addition, ATINY also voiced issues of double standards. They pointed out that if the gender roles were reversed in the call, it would cause serious outrage among the community.

“We know it’s embarrassing for him to show his skin, so why are you talking about it? Poor Yunho. I hate the way he immediately covers up.”

“I absolutely hate the concept of ‘fan calls’ because people who don’t know anything about respect or boundaries can say things like that or, even worse, idols. Imagine that you constantly have to deal with such people. I’m sure it’s mental. dehumidification.”

“Oh no, poor Yunho! I’m so shocked! You’re right, if the roles were reversed, it would be a scandal. He was shocked by what she said. You can see it clearly in his eyes.”

“You should all stop talking if the roles have changed. This is sexual harassment. Period.”

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