Athletic: These Are The Two Conditions That Eric ten Hag Set For Cristiano Ronaldo to Be Allowed to Return to The Team.


Manchester United coach Eric ten Hag has set Cristiano Ronaldo two minimum conditions that he must fulfill in order to return to training in the main team.

The 37-year-old was excluded from the team that went to the match against Chelsea, after violently stormed into the tunnel.

Ten Hag later confirmed that Ronaldo refused to be replaced, so punitive measures were applied against him.

According to The Athletic, for the United boss to allow the troubled Ronaldo to return to the fold, “Ten Hag is adamant he wants Ronaldo to be an option for the rest of the season, but first wants to hear what the Portuguese thinks about the situation and whether he can accept not playing in the starting lineup.” every week.”

If Ronaldo accepts remorse and accepts that he won’t be a starter every week, Ten Hag will most likely let him come back and reintegrate him.

If he does not agree to a less significant role in the Dutchman’s plans, he will be allowed to leave in January.

David Ornstein adds: “In the summer, United wanted a fee (although negotiations did not go that far), but now it is believed that the club will allow a free transfer on condition of mutual termination of Ronaldo’s contract.”

This, according to the club, would be a win-win situation for both sides. United will remove their highest-paid player from the payroll, while Ronaldo will have the opportunity to decide on his desired next move.

The Athletic confirms in its report that the five-time winner of the Golden Ball did not have as many fans as it was falsely stated.

Apart from his obvious detrimental influence on the tactics and strategy of the team, players such as Napoli, Sporting Lisbon and Borussia Dortmund have called his huge salary a stumbling block on the way to a potential transfer.

The only legitimate party that supported the attacker was the Saudi club Al-Hilal. Ronaldo and his representatives did not accept this offer.

January cannot come soon enough for United fans, who are undoubtedly tired and wish for a speedy end to the Ronaldo saga.


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