Athletes from the cover of NHL 23 are an excellent choice from EA


Electronic Arts presented the athletes from the cover of NHL 23 in early August, and Trevor Zegras from the Anaheim Ducks will share the cover with Canadian female star Sarah Ners. It’s a great choice to imagine where both the NHL itself and the NHL video game franchise want to go in the future, and fans should start to see the benefits when NHL 23 comes out in October.

In recent years, two important trends have taken hold in the National Hockey League, which determine its direction. Firstly, it is the infusion of young, highly qualified talents who have changed the way the game is played on the ice. The best moments of such players as Trevor Zegras, Kirill Kaprizov, Connor McDavid, Cale Makar and many others are strikingly different from the former NHL. The high-class craftsmanship has filled the NHL with creativity that the game has not seen before, and made it a much more exciting product for fans. At the same time, in the summer of 2020, after the social unrest associated with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Hockey Diversity Alliance (HDA) was formed, which indicates the growing desire of the sport for inclusivity.

Representatives of Change in the NHL 23

HDA is the NHL’s partner in promoting diversity and inclusivity at all levels of hockey, working to make hockey a better experience for everyone who plays, regardless of race, gender or background. The NHL series sought to reflect creativity and inclusivity as the cornerstones of NHL 23, and Trevor Zegras and Sarah Ners are ideal representatives of these efforts.

Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks took only second place in the voting for the Calder Trophy as the best rookie of the 2021-2022 season, but his dynamic game attracted the attention of fans throughout the league throughout the year. The innovative flip pass he made to a teammate for a goal against the St. Louis Blues last season went viral and became known as “Zegras,” and his antics in the clothes of an Average Joe at the NHL All-Star Competition made him a household name. among hockey fans. At 21, Zegras is a young, experienced and vibrant group of young NHL stars.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ners has been a hockey legend of the Canadian national team for many years, winning gold medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships and acting as a representative of women and minorities in hockey sports. The 27-year-old Ners has demonstrated both excellence and inclusivity, which EA Canada aims to make the centerpiece of the NHL series. At the time of the launch of NHL 23, Ners has an overall rating of 90, and the overall rating is higher than that of Zegras, and she is one of the highest-rated skaters in the game, so she will continue to break glass ceilings in NHL 23.

Creativity in the gameplay

EA Canada doesn’t just verbally support fans, as inclusion and new creativity are demonstrated both in game modes and in gameplay. The Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship is included in NHL 23 for the first time, and the hockey players will now become part of the popular Hockey Ultimate Team mode. Now gamers will be able to create real dream hockey teams consisting of the best male and female players in the world, and, in addition to expanding participation in the game, this should also provide much more content in the Ultimate Team.

On the ice, the EA Canada team has been hard at work adding new ways to showcase the creativity of individual players with the puck, even working to program the “Zegras” movement into a set of movements that players can do. Interactions with the puck in the last chance in NHL 23 demonstrate the athleticism and hockey IQ of the players, as they make desperate attempts to bring the puck to the goal while being protected, which was not the case in previous games.

The EA NHL series has led the way in terms of a creative and community-oriented approach to gameplay in the past with World of Chel, EASHL and Be-A-Pro modes. The choice of Trevor Zegras and Sarah Ners as cover athletes indicates that the EA Canada team is ready to commit to the gameplay and reach a new level in NHL 23.

The release of NHL 23 is scheduled for October 14, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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