ATEEZ’s Mingi did not appear after anxiety was put on


ATEEZ’s Mingi was diagnosed with anxiety and will be absent from group activities until he makes his recovery.

The K-pop group from the KQ Entertainment agency made their last comeback at the end of July and recently, they surprised ATINY with a Halloween MV for their song “The Black Cat Nero”; However, the idol will not participate in his future activities due to health problems.

Through its official social networks, the company KQ Entertainment officially announced that Mingi will not participate in ATEEZ promotions, the idol said he felt bad, it is not known for what period of time, but after a visit to the hospital, he was diagnosed with psychological anxiety.

After the announcement, ATINY showed their support on Twitter, where they shared various messages of support and encouragement for Mingi, as health is paramount and they hope he can recover soon, they also regretted that he has to go through a time like this, but they will wait for his return.


The KQ agency reported in its statement that Mingi went to the doctor and the examination indicated that he suffers from anxiety, a condition that he had never experienced before, but is now under treatment and his recovery is the most important thing for him, his group and the company.

After discussing the situation, Mingi agreed to leave ATEEZ, who will only promote with 7 members until he recovers, will also not do solo activities. It is not known how long the treatment will take, as you must rest a lot and gain stability in your daily routine, your return will only be under careful observations and with the opinion of an expert.

No details were given on what could have caused their anxiety either, but generally idols who suffer from this disease are often under a lot of pressure due to their busy schedules, as well as dealing with malicious comments, among other things.


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